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Miss Management

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Miss Management


Unique gameplay.
Quirky characters.
Hilarious cutscenes.
A large variety of challenges.


Getting three stars on certain levels can be nearly impossible.

PRICE: $6.99

Download the free trial here!

It's hard to be fresh within the time management genre. Far too often, a time management game might have a good concept, but then turn out to be yet another Diner Dash wannabe minus the charm and addictiveness. However, every so-often there will be a time management game that breathes new life into the genre, and Miss Management is one of those games.

You are Denise, a young woman who has just taken a job as an office manager at a large corporation. We're never really told exactly what kind of corporation it is, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that Denise meets a bunch of coworkers, each with a distinct personality that influences how they work and relax. It's Denise's job to make sure that no one gets stressed out while at the same time making sure the work gets done.

The gameplay involves delivering tasks to the employees and sending the employees to various spots of interest in the office when their stress level gets too high. Rather than trying to make a certain amount of money, each level has a list of challenges that must be accomplished in order to complete it, as well as some optional challenges that will earn you an additional star. A challenge may involve any employee having to do anything from relaxing at their favorite spot for a certain amount of time to completing a certain number of tasks.

Stress is your main enemy in this game. Along with the normal stress from working, certain employees are more easily stressed than others and different things, such as coworkers goofing off or the radio playing, can stress out different employees. This is complicated by the fact that most levels will require things that stress out certain employees. Fortunately, there are water coolers, couches, video game machines, and other places where they can relax, plus you can buy food to lower their stress, but if they relax too long their tasks will become overdue, which raises your stress.

Every level begins and ends with a cutscene of the employees interacting and their personalities and expectations clashing. The characters are very well-developed and very memorable. There's Mahavir, a lazy ladies' man, Tara, a shy artist, Timothy, a strogonoff-loving stresspot, and many more. Not only are the cutscenes very entertaining, but you actually get to see the characters grow over the course of the game. A character who starts out grouchy may learn to relax or a character who starts out addicted to work may learn that there's more to life. Unlike many time management games where you simply take over one restaurant/beauty salon/store/whatever after another, this one actually feels like it's telling a story.

The only real flaw in this game is that it gets very difficult to earn three stars in the later levels. The first star comes from finishing the level, the second star comes from completing all the optional challenges, but the third star comes from finishing all the challenges (both required and optional) in a certain amount of time, which can be nearly impossible in certain levels. However, that's not to discourage anyone from playing. If you like time management games, I can say with certainty that you will enjoy this game.

Rating: 4 and a half out of 5 stars.

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