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Aveyond: Gates of Night

I realized that I never finished reviewing my beloved Aveyond games. Well, no time like the present.

Aveyond: Gates of Night


A rich fantasy world.
Gripping story.
Beautiful music.
Plenty of sidequests.
Well-developed characters.
Multiple endings.
A house where your characters can chat with each other.
Spy agencies where you solve puzzles to learn new skills.


You can't visit the inn or the shops right before the final battle.

PRICE: $10.99

Download the free trial here!

In Aveyond: Lord of Twilight, a young thief named Mel was tricked into stealing the Orb of Darkness, a magical orb with the power to destroy light by a vampire named Gyendal. Gyendal's sister Te'ijal rescued Mel, but failed to get the orb back. But all hope is not lost, because there's a second orb, the Orb of Light, which can put a stop to the Orb of Darkness's power. As Lord of Twilight ended, Mel and her friends were just beginning their quest to find the Orb of Light.

Aveyond: Gates of Night begins right where Lord of Twilight let off. Just like the previous Aveyond games, Gates of Night is loaded with sidequests, humor, entertaining characters, and a sense of adventure.

Your main quest is to locate the four Quarter Keys, which will grant you access to the land of Naylith, a village of butterfly people who guard the Orb of Life. The Quarter Keys are (of course) hidden all over the world, which means you'll get to visit plenty of interesting lands. As we've come to expect from the Aveyond series by now, the locations are beautifully atmospheric. You even get to visit some of the locations from Ahriman's Prophecy such as Tar Vedron, Venwood, and Faiara. The music and sound effects are still downright beautiful.

The party interactions in this game are highly entertaining. Each member of the party has a distinct personality and they chat, bicker, and fight throughout the game. You can buy a house where the characters can interact and there are even four different marriage endings for your party member Prince Edward.

As is typical for the Aveyond series, there are plenty of sidequests that keep things interesting until the end. They range from winning a game in a vampire casino to outwitting a cheeky fairy to freeing an orc from prison. The spy agencies and the Moo Hatchery eggs continue in this game as well with new puzzles and new eggs.

Overall, this game is amazing. While it works best if you've played Lord of Twilight first, it is also a rich experience on its own. The story has plenty of twists to keep you interested and it gets you attached to your characters. Best of all, the Orb of Magic storyline is only at the halfway point.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

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