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Back again. Seems like I always have to apologize for my absence. Anyway, this week we've got a brand new RPG from our friends at Eridani Games and Amaranth Games.



Intriguing mythology
Appealing locations
Plenty of sidequests
Beautiful music
Multiple endings
"Troll trees" that give clues to secret items and quests


Sometimes the game thrusts you into a new location without giving you notice.

PRICE: $19.99

Download the free trial here!

Legend says that the land of Edolie was created by Lady Edelia on her wedding day. She created it to be a world of wonders where people could live in peace. But has the legend been twisted over time? Is there a darker side to the creation story?

You are Willow, a young aspiring writer who lives in Edolie. She and her tree sprite friend Tye go to visit a nearby island village for the annual Harvest festival. However, during the festival, mysterious creatures attack the town, and then the next morning, no one except Willow, Tye, and their new companion Rys have any memory of the creatures. Worse, Rys's sister Eirwen is accused of causing the damage and arrested.

Edolie is a rich RPG full of appealing characters and fascinating locations. Throughout their journey to discover the truth and clear Eirwen's name, Willow and her friends visit a village where everyone is over cautious about safety, a dwarf mining colony, and a city of talking ants (yes, talking ants). Every location will have many sidequests for our heroes as well, and the sidequests are wonderfully varied. There's a quest to find a pirate hideout, a quest, a quest to find orphan ants to be adopted, and a quest to win a scarecrow building contest.

In addition to the sidequests, there are secrets to discover, most notably the Troll Trees. The Troll Trees are scattered around Edolie and each one houses a troll who will give you a clue about how to find a hidden item or area. To add to the fun, the trolls are also named after members of either the Eridani Games or Amaranth Games forums (yes, I'm a troll - look for the troll named Esme Amelia - that's me!).

The game has variations that encourage replayability. Early in the game, Willow is asked to write a book about some aspect of Edolie, and there are multiple subjects you can write about, each of which will influence the type of ending you get. There is also a possible marriage for Willow, but you will only get it if you make the right choices at certain points.

Unfortunately, the game has one major flaw that dampens the experience. If you move on to a new chapter of the story without completing all the sidequests in the previous chapter, you won't get a chance to complete those quests later. This wouldn't be so bad if the game gave you a bit of warning beforehand, but you never get a warning. Many times your party will literally be dropped in a deep hole all of a sudden, cutting off any unfinished quests. It would be more considerate if the game gave a warning that you couldn't return after entering a certain area.

Overall, Edolie is a highly enjoyable game. It's charming, atmospheric, and immersive - pretty much everything you want from an RPG. Here's hoping for a sequel.

Rating: 4 and a half out of 5 stars.

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