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Midnight's Blessing

(blows dust off blog) Well, after almost a year of neglecting it, I now declare this blog to be BACK FROM THE DEAD! And we start off with a new RPG.

Midnight's Blessing

Appealing world
Creative storyline
Memorable characters
Very humorous dialogue
Hidden secrets
Characters regain all their health when they level up

Numerous pop-culture references might turn some players off
Battles can be tiresome
Towns don't have inns

PRICE: $19.99

Download the free trial here!

Midnight's Blessing is an interesting RPG that manages to blend a gripping story with large doses of humor. It drifts in and out of breaking the fourth wall while still taking itself seriously, making for a unique experience.

You are Sidni, a young girl who delivers mail for her mother's postal service. She is enjoying her life until one night when mysterious strangers attack her home, burning down her house and kidnapping her mother. Who are they? And why can't they see Sidni even when they look directly at her? Sidni sets out on a journey to rescue her mother and discover the truth about her identity.

As stated before, this game is rich with humor. It makes fun of RPG cliches, constantly breaking the fourth wall without feeling abrupt. There are also fun absurdities like a vigilante cat and various cameo appearances from other indie RPGs, including a not-to-be-missed cameo of Mel from Aveyond. However, there are also several pop-culture references to everything from Star Wars to The Terminator to Sesame Street to Twilight. Depending on your personal taste, you might find them amusing or you might find them off-putting.

In addition to the humor, the characters are very memorable. Sidni is a rare game protagonist with real personality. She is innocent, playful, and imaginative, and her dialogue is very memorable. The side characters are very interesting as well. There's Brenna, a ruthless monster hunter with a taste for violence, and Estradi, a vampire who struggles to retain his humanity. Even many of the NPCs are amusing and memorable.

This game differs from traditional RPGs in that the towns don't have inns. There are maybe two spots in the entire game where you can heal your party, but for the most part you'll have to deal with there being no inns. This isn't as big a hindrance as it may seem, since every time a character levels up, all of his or her health and mana is restored. However, depending on your gaming style, you might miss the security of being able to restore all your characters' health when you reach a town.

In addition, some of the battles, especially the boss battles, can take a very long time to complete and sometimes they get tedious. The characters can learn awesome skills, so most of the battles aren't all that difficult, but they can get very long.

But those are little flaws. Overall, Midnight's Blessing is a memorable experience with fun characters and gameplay. It is definitely recommended to people who enjoy lighthearted RPGs.

Rating: 4 and a half out of 5 stars.

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