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Liesel's Game Reviews

Where casual and independent games rule!

26 May
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Hello, my name is Liesel, but I'm known as "EsmeAmelia" most places. This is a jorunal where I'll be reviewing casual and independent computer games. Unless you're part of the indie game fanbase, you probably won't have heard of most of the games I review, but I'm hoping that my reviews will at least get you curious. All reviews will include a link to a website where a game demo (or the full version of the game, if the game is free) can be downloaded.

I only review games that I own, and I don't have the money to go buying games just so I can review them. If I don't own it, I don't review it, simple as that. However, if there's a game you would like me to review, you can send me a link to download the demo, and if I end up buying the game, I'll review it.

I play a lot of RPGs, visual novels, life simulation games, and time management games. I don't play a lot of hidden object games, match 3 games, card and board games, or war games, though I might occasionally buy (and review) a game or two from one of these genres.

I try to post new reviews on Saturdays, but with my busy life I might miss some weeks.